I am in my custom Garry’s Mod server and am reviving messages saying
“Your Garry’s Mod has been hacked! Please contact the developers” and
“u have been hacked, once again”.
If anyone has any idea what this is please let me know ASAP as I am very worried and would like to get this sorted.

Thanks in advance.

I do get these messages, aswell.

Have you had any luck fixing or finding this so called ‘Fix’ they are asking about. HAve you also been redirected to random servers? Hvh servers?

A lot of people seem to have this problem. Also as a note: please don’t have your thread titles in all caps and please make them a bit more descriptive than just “help”

If you have the workshop version of “Advanced duplicator 2” remove it. That’s all I got for now, since current info is from another thread. Apologies if I’m wrong

I’m having this issue also and searching for a solution.

I have found nothing as of yet, but be sure to use trusted addons and etc.

I looked into this more and found out that a lot of players are experiencing this, and there’s a lot of drama being caused about some “Remember remember 25th of December shit.”

I have found an addon called “Anti-Backdoor” which is told to be effective against this problem, however I have yet to test it.

I really hope this problem is fixed soon.

EDIT: After editing Anti-Backdoor, everything is appearing to function completely fine. However, all that happens now is that it shows an error (but still works)

So far I’ve been unable to locate the “cl_client_connector.lua” file, and I don’t really know what it is to be honest or if is related to the situation.

The “cl_client_connector.lua” seems to be found in that dodgy workshop upload of Adv Duplicator 2 mentioned above. So it’s quite probable it’s that addon which is at fault here. You can unpack the .gma and see if that file is there and has anything like CompileString or RunString in it.