Help please

Hey, I have just started learning some basic lua coding and stuff like that. I run a darkrp server and i would like to add trails that players could buy in their entities menu like where the money printer is. I found some code online and edited it a little bit, but this just makes it so the players spawn with a trail, if you code give me some code that i could add to make people be able to buy perm. trails that would be GREATLY appreciated just so you can see this is the script im using in the gamemode init.lua file for now until i figure out or someone helps me with the buyable trails!

hook.Add(“PlayerSpawn”, “AddTrails”, function(pl)
pl.Trail = util.SpriteTrail(pl, 0, Color(255,102,0,255), false, 15, 1, 4, 1/(15+1)*0.5, “trails/plasma.vmt”, “trails/litfuse.vmt”, “trails/rainbow.vmt”, “trails/carebear.vmt”, “trails/happy.vmt”, “trails/dennis.vmt”, “trails/wots.vmt”, “trails/epiclulz.vmt”, “trails/ben.vmt”, “trails/smouch.vmt”, “trails/arrow.vmt”, “trails/star.vmt”, “trails/angry.vmt”, “trails/handy.vmt”)

hook.Add(“PlayerDisconnect”, “RemoveTrails”, function(pl)


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