Help please :)

Sup im making a class for dark rp for a mate.

the class is basically the hidden from (hidden source)

im trying to find out how to make the model go invisbible with a slight blur when u type /hidden in chat also /hidden again to un-toggle the ability.

mabe if possible have a trail following behind.

any help?

so basicly… a ghostly class?

Well for starters you can use Entity.SetColor to change the player’s alpha (and make him transparent).
You can also use Entity.SetMaterial to apply a fancy material from the material tool’s list.

basicly yes if you have eva played the hidden then you will know also how do i add a chat command im a noob lol

Well since it’s darkRP you can go ahead and use DarkRP’s AddChatCommand function.
You use it like this : AddChatCommand("/CommandName", FunctionToCall)

i have a idea… but i dont think it may work… im not a lua master, i cant barly do lua, but you can try this:
basic model.
cmd to change the model to a pre made model
pre made (ghost model)
i dont even know how to model. but heres probly here a idea on how to do it.