Help pls Garry's mod not working

I bought Garry’s Mod yesterday and downloaded it. And when I pressed play, the loading screen popped up, but about 2 seconds in it exits the game and goes to my desktop. I’ve tried re installing, and been actively looking at you tube videos for solution but have not helped my situation. really pissed that i spent money on something that is not working o.o, btw excuse me for my bad grammar/spelling.

-I can run counter strike source but not garry’s mod o.o

Your computer may not be-able to run with garrys mod, I am not sure this is the first time i’ve heard of this problem.

what you mean my computer canno’t run garry’s mod?

As in not the required specs, such as Video Card.

Hello fangclaw55 can you be more descriptive about what is happening.
Are you getting an error or is it just crashing to the desktop with out an error ?
Also look in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod (or where ever you have Steam installed)
And see if you have any MDMP.files these are crash file’s and will help you/us get to the heart of the problem and find what is making you Gmod crash. Thank you.

I have the exact same issue, and I could run gmod just fine. I have this problem on both my computers.

Check out this post, there have been a lot of player’s having problem’s after the last Steam update you could be one of them.


Let me know if it work’s for you.

Hm no it does not look like that, again whenever I click play the screen goes to loading mode for about 2 seconds and just exits, does not have error or anything. And I highly doubt it’s my computer spec fault because my computer is brand new ibuypower pc meant to play games on, again sry for bad grammar and spelling

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One thing for sure my folder does not have any mdmp files, and there is no error whenever I play the game, it just loads for 2 seconds and exit itself back to desktop without error/crash reports. and my computer is pretty good to run any games

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Again to that link, I cant even see that menu, all I see is blue loading screen with circle mouse for about 2 seconds and just lead me back to desktop

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