HELP PLS low fps or lags.. pls help me guys :(

Hello all !my language is not too good…
I bought the game with my friend, he can play but i cant , dont know why i think my pc sux but he is not so bad
intel core i3 4gb ram nvidia geforce this is sony vaio i start game on low graphic but i have lags or dont know what. that game works so slow…
the same in the second PC … mby my internet is problem?
i have no idea what can i do :(( if u can help guys pls :frowning:

Join a server. Press F1 then type grass.on false. Press enter and enjoy. :slight_smile:

little better but i still cant play normal :frowning:

If you use fullscreen try to set lower resolution.

dzieki kanciasty !!! pomoglo ! :smiley: