Help plz darkrp classes not working!

Can someone please help me ive tryed so many things an nothing works for some freakin reason my multiplayer server that is hosted by xfactorservers does not work when i make classes my f4 menu does not work but when i do it for my single player game everything works just the way i want it. please someone help me fix this! i really would like to get my gmod server up and running for good today!!

Server ip if you want to stop by

Just dont use DarkRP…

Seriously, switch to a OLDEST version of DarkRP and it will be fine.

Clean up your hole server and get the svn version of darkrp

You may also want to start using proper grammar 'round here. It’ll get you a long way.

do you know if this works or just an idea? cause im down to trying it

Do it! If nothing works this is the best solution.

There is an error in one of your customizations to DarkRP. Double check your changes for errors and correct them.

What the user above me said. And just reinstall DarkRP from the SVN. it tends to mess up for me too sometimes