Help plz!

Online doesn’t work for gmod, it doesn’t load the server list. My connection is fine.

Hi, you only need to make one thread with a proper title.
Are you sure you aren’t already refreshing it? Sometimes it has a bad habit of toggling ‘Refresh’ before you’ve even began viewing the multiplayer.
I’d double check your internet connection, e.g. restart router, Windows troubleshoot

yeah it says it’s refreshing when I open mutiplayer. It doesn’t let me do anything else. If I click stop refreshing it won’t let do anything either.

Click ‘Stop Refresh’ - wait 30 seconds - Click ‘Refresh’

Double check your filter options for maps names and stuff.

still doesn’t work :confused:
Here’s a video of a guy with the same problem:

This happens to a lot of source games, usually when the master server’s having issues. Do servers still appear in your history\favorites\friends tabs? If so, then this is the case. Wait a few hours and check again.

I’ve never been on a server. I just got the game like 4 days ago.