HELP - Pointshop

Hi guys, I would like to know how to restrict skins/playermodels (Pointshop) to specific jobs. Can somebody help me?

Inside the item’s OnEquip, add a case for the player’s job/team.

I don’t know about PS2, but for the free PS you would check for the team inside the OnEquip function.

You’ll want to check for the player’s job in ITEM:CanPlayerEquip(ply) and ITEM:CanPlayerBuy(ply).

Sorry to be so noob in this but. How can I use this so that depending on the points you have of the pointshop I let you enter the job or not? XD

Learn Lua

I’m a novice in this, you do not need to be like that either. Thanks for helping. I’ll try to engineer them.

What’s that supposed to mean?

I shouldn’t act like a dick with him

But i’ve replied that since I don’t think you know lua at all, any knowledge that anybody can give you about the subject, you won’t understand it and you will most likely to ask us to code it for you, and this is not a forum for requests…

See that’s what I’m thinking he meant as well.

And so the question was a double entendre.

“What do you mean by that,” and, “if you mean what I think you mean, gonzalolog isn’t being rude in the slightest.”

It’s a matter of semantics so don’t let my comment derail the thread, but I don’t feel your input was dickish in the slightest. Learning Lua is a completely valid path he can take to fixing his problem, and it has the added bonus of giving him the tools to fix other problems for himself in the future.