Help! "portal number (192) too large"

Yeah so I finaly compiled my map and ran it then bang an engine error -_-

Thats the engine error I’m getting any help on what I’ve done here please? :<

Updated with more info below!!

Are you using either func_viscluster or a modified VBSP? That could be a possible cause.

Not using either of those.

Sounds like Valve’s max VIS leaf size is failing quite badly.

I think it may be wise to try an alternative VBSP.

do you have an insanely high skybox?

If so, add a clip brush halfway down to make the visleaf smaller. Prepare for a longer VVIS compile time. Unless you turn it into a viscluster. (I’m assuming your map is very large and open, without much to block your view of the entire map.

Right this is the new area. the problem appeared only after this was made.
Things what I’ve done differently are func_details…Could these cause any problems? idk
The map is well optimized from here and doesn’t show any other parts of the map

Hope this might help and the sky box isn’t big either…though it does look big in this pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Try putting a big block on portions of the map and compile. If the error goes away, the problem is somewhere inside the block area.

Use GLView with the portal highlight feature to show where portal 192 is, then use basic skills to make it smaller.

Portal highlight feature…please tell me what that is :L

Or what you could do if you are using the Orangebox engine (which it doesn’t look like you are) you can go to map>load portal file after you compile.

Using map>load portal file won’t let you see exactly which one is too big.


Use vbsp -glview to compile, then glview -portal -portalhighlight X or -leafhighlight L to view the problem.