Help Porting a CSGO map to CSS (to be used in Gmod 13)

Hey everyone, i would like to know what i can do to port a CSGO map (cs_ardennes_v3_1) in order for me to use it in GMOD 13.

Please be advised, im a total noob when it comes to these things, i have a youtube channel and i want to start a series, i recently started using and learning garry’s mod and while i was making the script for the machinimia i was looking at some good maps that would fit my purpose, i found that one but when i pasted the csgomap in gmod directory, in-game the map wouldn’t load, now i know that gmod13 and csgo use different versions of the source engine, so from what i’v learned i would need to decompile the csgo map, load in valve hammer and compile it in cs source compatibility.

I tried doing so, but with no success, i installed vmex098g and bspsource but failed to get any results.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Why convert if you can mount CSGO just fine? I don’t understand the logic here.

set VMF format Source 2004 to 2009 before you decompile it with BSPSource. (I assume hammer will crash for you when trying to load it)

I am sorry, but there isnt logic since im really not familiar with all this, like i said in the OT, im a noob. I’m trying to learn but i keep failling :\

What do you mean by mounting? I can run CSGO maps in Gmod 13 without decompiling/compiling stuff? :open_mouth:

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Thanks, but where can i set that? on which software?


Eh… you might want to read up on some stuff before you attempt this…

In the gmod home screen, click on the picture of a controller in the bottom right hand corner. Find cs:go in the list, check the box. Then restart gmod. You should now have cs:go mounted.

CSGO BSP version differentiates from 2009 and can’t be loaded in GMod. Only models are available through mounting.

OP, here’s a useful guide for all the steps needed to get a CSGO / L4D2 map into GMod:

Thanks! :slight_smile: