Help Porting a Model

Hey, I’ve Got a Model That I Want To Upload To The Workshop, However, I Wan’t It To Be Compatible With Gmod, I Hust Don’t Know How to

Um, what. You have to be a little more specific. So do you have a model that you want to upload to the workshop and dont know how. Or do you have a model that you want to rig for Gmod?

Alex, please do tell us what it is, so we can know a little more.

Couldn’t Log in, But I Need Help With Rigged, Though, I may Need Someone Else To do It

So, you just need help with the rig?

It’s an Old Model That Was Later Removed, This is What 'm Trying To Get To Gmod

What have you done so far?

Say uh Hello I have a model I want to put in the SFM workshop for my animated series its an animated character can someone help me