Help Porting And Rigging A Few Models - Payment Available

First of all. I can pay up to £10 depending on how well you help.

I have converted loads of files from mafia II and I need help applying the textures to them, rigging them to be vehicles and compiling them.

I’m an absolute newbie when it comes to modelling/porting/3dsmax but I got this far so I should grasp the concept after 1-2 of the models.

Thank you.
Add me on steam: modegg

If it’s Blender, then you can just generate a UV map, and then simply use the actual texture and replace it.

I can stick the textures on the model but it doesn’t line up and looks like it never will.

It also is missing the wheels which are located in another place, that’s where I mostly need help.
I know how to compile the model but I still don’t know how to rig it to a vehicle.

I really do need this done quickly, could someone please help.

I can only help with the vehicle model part, I suck so bad at UVing.

Ok. Well I’m at my dads house till Sunday so I’ll talk to you then.


It looks like the models you exported from mafia II did not keep their UV map. You need someone to make all new UV’s. From there its all about compiling it as a vehicle and theres a pretty good tutorial on the dev wiki.

I had the same problem, but I didn’t need to use a UV map. I just had to go into the image viewer in the 3ds max, find the appropriate texture, and then drag and drop it onto the right part of the vehicle (exterior,interior, bottom, etc.). Alas, I couldn’t figure out the wheels part. I ended up giving up and putting up a request in Request section. Lemme know if you get this resolved.

Will do.

And i cant find the vehicle parts mostly but sitting here having nothing to do, it got me thinking.

I also tried compiling my first model and when I run the guistudiomdl or w/e it’s called.
It Says: Created Command Line.
And a bit of info, then that’s all.

Any help?