Help - Porting models from Forza 4 into Garry's Mod?

I’m looking to port some model’s like the 240sx from Forza Motorsport 4 into Garry’s mod and I’m kinda stuck. TDMCars is a fine example of it being done, but I’m not sure how he did it with the individual materials. I’ve extracted my .obj from the .zip forza archives using forzastudio and I have an .mtl file to go with it. I do not need to have moving parts on this car, it is just a plain solid model. I have all the respective materials also extracted into the same dir. But now i’m just stuck as to where to go from here. I hear people saying to use OBJ2SMD but that only supports a single unwrapped texture, which isn’t like what tdmcars uses. Any help on converting this model to .mdl and having the individual textures apply to it? (lights, interior_lod0, etc)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Kind Regards, Sam

I have not used source engine in a long, long time, but if memory serves, each material group will have its own VMT upon compiling. So on the mesh you will name something “lights” as the material and it will then be given a link to “lights.vmt” for you.

Ah, right. But, how will they be positioned on the model? What defines where they go?