Help Porting NS Script To DarkRP

**I’ve been looking at Nutscript and something caught my eyes, Death scene & The Vignette.
I was wondering if there’s a way to the take the Death scene and use it in darkRP. I’d Appreciate anyone who’d get a step toward achieving this or if you know how to please let me know.

How do I apply a Vignette to my server like in Nutscript, When you spawn in a Nutscript server it does a really cool Fade in - then turns into a Vignette, How could i do that in DarkRP?

I don’t get it, what’s not working, like can you test it and see what functions aren’t there? Please tell me you are not just asking us to Port it for you

I’m not the best Coder but at the same time these files are impossible to find since the way it was coded was horribly done, I’m asking is there a way to port those addons to darkRP. Since I heard NS uses different Function for DarkRP so I didn’t bother testing it nor do I know where to put the files.

Why we would know it, just try better and i’m sure you will be able to find those, if you find the code, we can’t help you, but please, nobody will do that work for you, it’s not about being the best coder, it’s just about try

Problem is the files are scatter in different files. idk the codes to identify it

Death screen:

Vignette (i’m not sure if this is the part that you’re talking about?):

Omfg, thank for finding the Death Screen Tho the script is kinda all over the place I can kinda pinpoint where it is in the file. Now we have to find out where to put the file in.

Vignette is located in garrysmod\gamemodes
utscript\gui\ . the code for it funcunality is still unknown!

He linked the code for the vignette.

oh lmao, I just saw it…

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Anyone have any ideas where to put these files in?

On any file that loads clientside.

Would placing it in garrysmod\lua\autorun\client work?

Yes, but if I was you I wouldn’t mix it with the game files, perhaps putting it on an addon.

If I did that Ill have to make it an addon folder meaning Id also have to make the folder in addon format.
which I atm don’t really mess with.

“An addon folder in an addon format”
literally just

I put it in, time to test!

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I got an error - [ERROR] addons/death_and_vignette/lua/autorun/client/death_vignette.lua:1: attempt to index global ‘nut’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - addons/death_and_vignette/lua/autorun/client/death_vignette.lua:1

You don’t have to literally copy and paste it, you’ve obviously got to modify it as well and adapt the code.

oh dang i made a mistake in the first variable lmao, lemme fix it

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oh dang i made a mistake in the first variable lmao, lemme fix it

still doesn’t work

The point about doing something yourself and asking help is to completly forget about saying “doesnt work”
It works, you are forgetting that there are functions that doesnt exosts on darkrp, you are forgetting that nut script uses gamemode hooks and not hook library, you are forgetting about giving details about error

You have 2 options, stop posting or actually even try, because i didn’t see it yet and trust me when i say nobody will spoon feed on you and give you the code already ported

Tips? Read about hook.Add