Help - Pos/Coordinates

I know I should Search, but it’s rather a hard term to search for as everyone uses a different name in their Title or whatever.

But I have no idea how I could figure out certain positions on my screen (ingame) so I can add them to my HUD.
More like the coordinates or the position.

Well, what positions are you trying to find?

I’m trying to figure out the positions in the left corner, for the Health and Ammo HUD.

try this:
x = 0
y = 0.99

Ah, on-screen positions. Here’s a brief rundown of how the screen works:

The corners of the screen would be:
[ul][li]Top left: 0, 0[/li][li]Top right: ScrW(), 0[/li][li]Bottom left: 0, ScrH()[/li][li]Bottom right: ScrW(), ScrH()[/ul][/li]
Does that make sense?

Thanks, that helps me out. But when I like want to move my hud, how do I know precise where to place it?


Get the position with that function and use that to move your hud.

Mhh, I didn’t saw that I guess.
Does it shows the coordinates on the screen?

It gives the position of a panel.

You do understand that if you place something at (1, 1), it will place it 1 pixel to the right(top left screen) and 1 pixel to the bottom(top left screen)?
Be sure to use ScrW() to get the full screen width and ScrH() to get the full screen height of the client’s screen. This way you can make HUD’s look the same on every screen and prevent text/hud getting positioned outside of the screen.

Thanks again.