Help Posing?

Hey guys I really want to start posing ragdolls/models for some screenshots but whats a simple way to get them in the poses atm i’m finding it very hard just to get they’re limbs in a decent way to look realistic.

Well, there IS a T-posing tool somewhere, but I don’t know if its updated for this updated Gmod.
IF that won’t work, I suggest gawking and gazing really long and hard at some screenshots that are similar to what you wish to pose the ragdolls as, then just work slowly and carefully.

forget tools and do it with the fucking physgun if you’re not a pussy with no skill

i usually pose the chest first, it makes positioning the rest of the body much easier. always remember even the smallest details; foot must touch the ground, hand must grip the object, ass must not be jutting out unless you’re Hideo Kojima. no visible clipping, meaning if we can see that rifle butt go through the guy’s shoulder then something went wrong. use the No Collide tool if you need to have the character holding something. pose fingers. ALWAYS POSE THE FINGERS. and eyes, unless you have a very good reason not to, like a PTSD-stricken guy staring into the great nothing. think about what would look natural in the scene you’re doing. for references, watch movies, play games and look at photos. research, research, research. source material, source material, source material. post your work. recieve criticism and embrace it. improve. perfect. succeed. harder better faster stronger. die alone because you spent your life posting GMod work.

Just grab their chest with physgun, raise it into the air while holding left click, then click right click to freeze.