[Help] Problem with resolution

So , i purchased this game and i put the resolution in 800x600 ( +FPS to me ) , but i cant join in a server in this resolution , have a command to low the resolution in-game ?

I have the same problem =/ the HUD don’t change with the resolution ‘-----’ Admins Can Fix It Please ? ? ?

Yes, and the only resolution that works is 1024x728, but my game is very low FPS, my PC has the minimum requirements to play, the problem is the resolution , i want to leave at least as well, so increase the FPS

The UI in-game was made for 1920x1080, they are in the process of adding a UI slider and support for multiple resolutions.

Okay , i understand :slight_smile: thanks for reply me , i will wait to play this game with a good FPS in my PC