HELP! Proffesional lua coder needed for server!

Hey, me and some friends have a gmod server and we don’t want it to be like all other servers with sandbox or dark rp or so… So we decided to have a zombie co-op server with melonbine’s running zombies, and the spawnpoint for them… (PS: I really need help with the spawnpoint! I put it in the addons folder and then I can’t find it in-game!)

Now, what I need a lua coder for is that I need someone to help me edit dark rp so there’s only the money and weapon buying system. You see, we want you to spawn as a citizen (renamed to Survivor) and then spawn with just a glock and a crowbar. Then we want to erase all other jobs and give TEAM CITIZEN the same rights as TEAM GUN. So, everyone spawn as a TEAM CITIZEN and have all the rights that TEAM GUN have, meaning that they can buy shipments and stuff like that.

And if possible, I need help to add all shipments that’s already in dark rp as normal guns, so you don’t have to buy a shipment to get that gun. Then I want to erase the shipments and add a shipment with a molotov (which I got a download for). All this might seem a little hard, but that’s why we need someone that’s good with lua. Whenever I try myself it fails…

Then I just want to change the model of the Survivor (renamed citizen) to something more realistic, which I also found a download for.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

EDIT: Please, don’t steal the idea! We want our server to be really original…