HELP! prop protection problem

Hi guys, ive bin a Gmodder since the beginning. but recently i found out an enoying problem while playing in a server with a friend of mine.

We want to re-enacte I am legend. but because of the prop protection we cant kill each others NPC

Does anyone know how to get rip of prop protection?
ive tried allot of prop protection scripts from the site but none of them give us the ability to kill all npc of destroy eachothers work.

Does anyone know the awnser?

yours sincerely!


You can add your friend to your PP list and vice versa by:
Going to the spawn menu -> options -> simple prop protection (or whatever mod your using) then tick his or her name -> then apply.
This should mean that-that person can freely move, edit and destroy your valuable work.

Also if you’ve been a player since the beggining, how can you have only just come across this problem? just wondering.

because, im more of a single player guy, build big stuff. my friend recently started playing gmod :wink: thanks for the tip ill go check it out

I didn’t learn about that until I have played for a year and a half. Prop protection isn’t something that you would usually want to turn off.