Help putting kitty model in

I can’t get cutecat or any of the 3 versions of kitty models to work. Either they don’t show up at all or have purple crap and error signs in-game.
I tried both addons folder and garrysmod/garrysmod, no luck. I have no probs with many other models, just this one.
Anyone have luck with a cat model who can tell me which one, where to find it, where, in excruciating detail, it goes, and where to find it in the model lists?
Thanks a ton!
Put that into garrysmod\garrysmod and then use the prop search to search for “feline”.

Thanks hakita, leave it to someone with a cat avatar…
That found it. I didn’t notice that searchbar before. Funny I still can’t find it searching through the folders though, I just created a new category to grab it in future.