Help question please?

Ok I dont have garys mod 9 cuz i dont have money to buy hl2 and css is that a big problem?

No, but your bad grammar is.

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At least tell the guy. Gmod9 requires cs:s,hl2dm,hl2,and they all must have been started at least once. The new gmod only requires 1 source game.

Can you buy GMod on Steam? I can send you a copy of HL2: Episode One if you can buy GMod yourself.

I have gmod and i can play it its just i dont have gmod 9 cuz i dont have halflife or css.

This forum is for gmod10, not gmod9 - Gmod10 requires AT LEAST 1 SOURCE GAME while gmod9 requires all the main ones

odd i do have team fortress 2. is that a source game?

yes, TF2 uses the Source Engine.

But GMod 9 needs Half Life 2, HL2: Deathmatch, and Counter Strike: Source.

yeah thats my question is gmod 9 required for gmod10?

Why do you want to play gmod 9 anyway ?

No, GMod 9 is not required for GMod 10.

ok thanks very much guys lol im seeing all this stuff its like gmod nine and up! im like darnit i gotta have gmod 9 ty guys

but benjii ill take up your offer on Halflife my user name is tinimarine