HELP - Really big problem

Hi, For a long time now i have not been able to play Gmod (over a year) and now it just really needs to be solved. I have looked on lots of forums including this one and searched the internet with no result. I’m hoping that it might work this time.
I also sent an e-mail to, and I will paste the mail here because it’s just a good way of explaining to you, rather than writing it all out again.

I have had this problem for a while now and i have not been able to play garrys mod at all because of it.
It was a long time ago so im explaining to the best extent of my memory…
I remember being on a multiplayer server with only 2 admins and they were pissing around and put what i thought was some sort of command on me.
using mouselook, if i move the smallest possible amount to the left or right i look about 70 degrees or something ridiculous and also possibly random.
this results is a very fast jolty spinning which i cant control and stops me from being able to play the game. the problem is in multiplayer and single player,
and i have reinstalled the game, garrys mod and i recently bought a new laptop and installed steam and garrys mod and it still happens!
this implys that it is my username. Please try to contact me really soon i have looked for ages on the internet and forums but i cant find anyone who has heard
of the problem… please tell me someone knows what is going on?

have you tried launching the game with -autoconfig in the start up options. It should revert any and all settings to factory default. Just make sure you remove it after using it once.

Sounds like a good idea. I made a new account and was going to buy gmod on that account to see if the account is the problem. Upon logging into the account for the first time Team fortress 2 and portal all ready installed. I just logged out and into my other account with lots of games but I find I have no steam friends, no game play no achievements and no games, except team fortress 2 and Portal… So another problem I will have to fix… any ideas?

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Fixed that problem but -autoconfig didn’t work. like i said i literally have a new computer so it must be something to do with my user name… :confused:

sounds like a lua-virus. Just delete your steamapps/usernamehere/garrysmod/garrysmod folder and poof, problem solved. (and dont worry, lua viruses are only harmful to your game.)

im about to try - but is this possible even though i started fresh on a brand new laptop?

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It didnt work - still the same :frowning:

Well,then somebody hacked your computer,steam account,house,family,neighborhood,and everything you care about.


They changed your mouse sensitivity. Look it up in the options menu.

no that isnt the problem, im not an idiot :wink:
if i move the smallest possible amount to the left it jolts about 70 degress rotation. it is not smooth its very very jolty. also, looking up and down is fine (as long as you can move the mouse up and down without moving it side to side because of the problem :confused: )

I’m looking at it like this:
The problem persists despite having reinstalled garrysmod. If anything, this shows that it’s not LUA based. During a reinstall, the steam cloud restores the last configuration you had when you connected to the steam servers.
This means that there’s a problem with your config files. This makes sense because a common thing that server owners/superadmins can do is execute console commands on your client. A lot of the harsher ones have been blacklisted, but a few other annoying ones remain.
There are many different options for mouse sensitivity. There’s mouse acceleration, raw data input, and a few others.

From this page, you can see some of the commands for mouse sensitivity. Here’s the relevant quote:

CS:S used to use the same base engine as Garrysmod, so I see no reason why these commands would be any different.

You’re not an idiot, though. Honest. I didn’t know about m_pitch and m_yaw as commands. Check m_yaw and see if it’s been set to something absurd.

Yeah I know about console commands I allways used to use the console command addon and do things like +left but they reset after rejoining servers right?
gonna try putting m_yaw .022 in console brb

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Omg when i put in m_yaw it had m_yaw 2000 allready in… it worked. Thanks I havnt been able to play garrys mod for over a year and recently got my friend into and ive been at his house every day rationing his computer ive been so desperate. Thank you so much I would kiss you if you were here. and female. or gay. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Im off to play Gmod, thanks sooooooo much <3<3