Help Regarding Wooden Doors & Playing the game

Hi, I am writing this because I wish to receive some input from players who have been playing the game for an extended period of time.

Me & 2 friends decided to get this game about a week ago, and we have spent quite a few hours on it almost everyday ever since. However, as we are fairly new we do not have huge fortresses or alliances and thus we only have Wooden Shelters containing
the things we mine and harvest, or perhaps loot from the radiation zones/airdrops. Since we don’t have huge houses but only wooden shelters with wooden doors most of the time, it is expected that alot of people break in and steal stuff, but we understand as that is kinda the point of the game. However, there is a prevalent issue happening multiple times where my door “floats” into the air and disappears, meaning its open and I cannot place a new door. I just stand there and within 3 minutes people are in my shack, getting my items when I’m standing right there. Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong about the door placement? Any input would be most helpful.

And are there any tips from pros on how to get started to create a “fortress” that cannot so easily be broken by a Pickaxe?

Thanks for your time reading this.

To anyone who helps, Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

If you were ever to follow a group of people intending to break into your home, you learn a lot about fortification. You see, they can carry a lot of resources that can be used on removing doors, because the threat of losing those items is low, if even present at all. Additionally, whatever they loot can then be used to create further means to break into a house.

 +Think big. A lot of people will have a lot more gathering potential and resources.

Doors. If you can get to a door, so can they. The charges they use stick right to the doors, so there’s no protecting that. Add to that the fact that they have an unending supply of explosives…build all the doors you want, it won’t matter as eventually a big enough group will come along. Why would there be so many doors if there isn’t a lot of loot behind them?

 +Bigger isn't better. It might take them longer, but what does that matter to them. It's just more fun they can have at your expense.

Now, lets say you build a big sky fort that’s really long and has a lot of doors. People will instead build a foundation and stair up to a side wall and just breach it, saving the need to fiddle with the doors at all.

 +Whenever you see single foundations with single posts through the middle, it's to prevent others from building foundations to be used against the structure.

There are still ways to keep your loot safe in the hours you’re offline, but it will take animal cunning. People are smart, and want your stuff. That’s all you need to know when wondering if you’re “safe enough”.

 +These aren't fucking npc's...people are the most dangerous thing you'll find in this game. Any game. Real life too...Oh god they're everywhere. I'M ONE

Thanks alot for taking time to reply to my thread.

Your advice is certainly helpful and I will use it the next time I play.

Just wondering, do you / are there any leads on the “floating”’ door bug/glitch/error? It has happened multiple times and causes me to waste a Wood Shelter which means it could be exposed. Sometimes I don’t have another shelter and all my things are just open for all to take.

I’d say don’t focus on stockpiling until you find a structure that works for you. Otherwise you’ll burn yourself out with disappointment if and when…they…come.

Build a bed near your plot of land, and then…ya.

I have only ever witnessed the floating door phenomena when the doorway in question, it was actually a shelter, was squeezed in the space between two rock-faces… The owner had some stuff inside his shelter and there were a few barricades around it so it must be an issue with collision.

I suggest aligning the door perfectly before you place it and placing your shelter on level terrain… Maybe even drop a foundation beforehand?