[HELP-REQUEST]Urgent, my server is not loading!

I rebooted my pc after some boosts I made on it,(the server was open), and now it crashes at loading, I started it in console mode to indentify the problem, the problem is boxed in the imagehttp://img402.imageshack.us/img402/5852/luaerror.th.jpg

He repeats that error like 10 times and then it closes…Help me pleaze this server can lost donators if it stay down much time!
Thank you by taking your time reading this and not flaming/banning me by my bad spelling :3.

try reinstalling wire (or the hoverboard).

That likely isn’t the problem, but seeing as those are the only things to load before crash, one might be the problem (or likely Wire)

Although, the problem might be too many files. You’re updates might have messed with you’re servers ability to hold stuff. Try removing some addons (will lighten the load)

:o fast reply thx!


and nice avatar


re-downloading wire worked thx ;D