(Help Request) Vindictus Map Porting

I’ve been trying to figure out how to port over the maps from Vindictus to Gmod and just can’t seem to do it.

Vindictus uses its own modified version of the Source engine so just loading up the .bsp files into Gmod doesn’t work, results in a “funny lump size” error. I’ve tried using a couple different BSP decompiler tools that claim to have support for Vindictus maps but when I load the vmf files into Hammer to try and recompile them it just results in a black screen.

I’ve seen the Perilous Ruins and Prairie Entrance maps on the Steam workshop, and have seen a couple people on deviantArt post screenshots of some posing they had done on other Vindictus maps so it’s certainly possible, it’s just the how that escapes me. My attempts to contact the people that made the Steam workshop maps and deviantArt posts have been unsuccessful.

If anyone could help me to learn how to port the maps over I’d be very grateful.

just decompile them and recompile them. You’ll need to sort out all the materials and models

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58989379/vindictusmdlsorter.7z here’s a sorter.

Some maps will not be easily compiled as they actually go above some garrysmod limits.

Have fun with the materials, though, ain’t no sorter for those. (Please somebody prove me wrong, thanks)

My guess is that the vmf’s draw waaaay outside the pre-designated area that hammer allows you to work in which causes the black screens… Maybe open them in 3ds max? I remember seeing somewhere someone was using 3ds max to open vmf’s but I don’t remember where…

I’ve managed to get them to work. I used BSPSource to decompile the maps and used the Hammer editor from Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer, worked fine.

Model sorter is a useful tool, thank you.

I just proved you wrong

If there are too many missing materials and models that can cause hammer to screw up afaik

No problem (thank Boojum Snark he made it)