Alright, heres my problem. Im trying to start up my listen server. i Had it running a long time ago and now im trying it out and it doesnt work. I remember you need to foward 27015 on TCP, i do so, and no effect. My friend has been testing it with me, apparently, when he tries to join through steam, it says “Server not responding”, if he tries the “connect” command it simply says “connection failed after 4 retries”. I need some help here guys. Some info…
ATT Router
Hamachi network
dude0123456789 / Takahiro Takumi on steam

Dont suggest a dedicated server cause that isnt gonna work out for me. BTW, ive been using my external IP to let them join, or TRY to join, and nothing, just “server not responding”. I need help ASAP.

Erhm. If you are using Hamachi you are supposed to give them your ipv4 adress. This stands by your name in the main window of Hamachi. Send it to them and ask them to connect to it, then it should work. If it doesn’t work to connect to it via Steam friends or the normal menu tell them to get console and write connect INSERTYOURIPV4IPHERE

You should use srcds for your garry’s mod server and should have hamachi installed on that machine, you should probably also use the Hamachi IP of that machine as the IP in the command line in order to get it working. I’m not quite sure, but i think that’s how I got it working once.

Ah, im not trying to do it with hamachi, im trying to do it normally, so anyone can join, i was just saying that because hamachi effects the network so it might change the answer, i want a normal listen server and Tessius, i said “dont suggest a dedicated serv” -_-, read people.

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More info, this is what i get when i type status in the console when im in the server.

hostname: Epic Public Sandbox
version : 4909 secure
udp/ip : (public ip:
map : gm_flatgrass at: 959 x, 148 y, 95 z
players : 1 (8 max)

Hope this helps :suicide:

From the Garry’s Mod Wiki Mirror on Dedicated Server hosting (Also applies to Listen):

That’s probably the reason why your friend can’t connect to your server, and it’s 99% of peoples problem’s with starting servers in general.

No way! No wonder…

Thank you so much for the info! Im going to try that later! Ill get back to you guys when ive tried it. :rock:

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K, i was able to port foward the ports you gave me cats (i also did the premade half-life 2 configuration on top of that (different ports included)) for good measure, ill try starting the server later today when i have the chance, signing off for now.

Turns out, this is not working, i fowarded every port, well, i think the port fowarding was succesful anyways, still need help, cmon guys.

Shameless selfbump, will take any advice

no more help? :suicide: