Help rigging a stapler for Source Filmmaker? (model included).

I need a stapler for an SFM short in where it sticks into a wall, but couldn’t find any that are rigged to where it’ll do that. I got a model of a stapler and recolored it the way I want, but don’t know crap about porting rigs to Source. I uploaded the model to my dropbox (link:, and I just need a two posable bones; one for the top arm and one for the base. If anyone can help, it doesn’t need to be perfect since it’ll only be showing for a few seconds, I will be very grateful.

Here you go. I also made a basic QC that you can use to compile it.

If i could borrow the model, it would be great. But the link is broken, Can you fix it?

Your link is broken too by the way. :s:

Check the date.

That does not mean he can’t fix it. Right? and there is literally no other place i have fond that has a model for a stapler. :c

Once again, check the post date before actually posting. This thread is more than a year old. Besides, the person hasn’t been active since January, so I highly doubt that he is likely going to come back and fix this link anyways.
You might as well as make a new thread and hope that someone else has a stapler model for you.

I appreciate the help.