[HELP!] Right-clicking not working for building in experimental

I can’t right click when I have a foundation and get the menu to pop up. I saw that this was how to build anything besides foundation in a video, but maybe it’s changed? Right click doesnt bring up any menus, it has been bound to jump. I thought this was the issue, but rebinding jump to space has not resulted in right click doing anything either.

Are my controls messed up from being custom in the experimental alpha here, or what?

Thanks for any help!

Thats really odd. This is a stupid question but getting it out of the way will help. You made sure you had the foundation selected from your hotbar, correct? It has to be currently equipped, and white/transparent, as thought you were going to place it. Some people may not understand this.

As far as your key binds, I haven’t had that happen ever. Not sure how Rclick and Space could get mixed. Do you have Experimental Beta enabled in your game properties?

Rclick Rust > Properties > Betas > Experimental Beta > Opt out!!
^This my be causing your issue, the patches released on ExpBeta technically aren’t live and sometimes break stuff, which is better than finding out when it’s live.

Nope, not in experimental beta, and yes I tried the right-click menu then placing the foundation when it’s white (as i saw in a video first). It just isnt working and I can only guess its because of differently bound keys that I have. strange that right-click works in the menus to drop things split, etc… just not for building. I cant build anything but foundations and plans that are already pre-made that i find from victims.

Oh and to clarify, I purposefully bound right-click to jump, as i do in all first person games with jump. I thought that maybe this is what was causing the issue so I had tried re-binding space to jump and see if it works, and it still doesnt.