Help Ripping Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

So I’ve been enjoying it with Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered, many of the models have been beautifully made and so much has been done. I’m being honest to say I love Modern Warfare Remastered, but the $80 price tag has really bit me in the ass but thats another thread for another day.

Came on here to ask for some assistance with ripping models from the game as many of the models are beautifully put together. Ninja Ripper doesn’t work because it is using Steam as a DRM to ensure that it is running COD. I had not tried the scripts that are use to extract previous Call of Duty’s, but the current formats in Remastered are .pack files, .bik files. If anyone has a clue that also owns a copy of COD 4 Remastered, please give me a heads up.

Here’s an idea of the look on the weapon models.

I don’t own CoD4 Remastered but I’d love to get my hands on weapon models too. If I recall correctly, NinjaRipper didn’t work for Black Ops 3 either, but people could rip using Intel GPA.

I personally couldn’t get it working properly for me though, but see if you have any luck with this.

The models are indeed really nice, they’re detailed and have multiple 2k textures.

I have already seen M4 Sopmod ripped, with all the textures, so it definitely is possible, but I have no idea how. If anyone will figure it out, I would really like to know, as I plan to rip a few weapon models and attachments myself.

I know it’s a pain to make new models yourself, but it will save you the potential hassle of takedown notices, etc.

What takedown notices? We’re not talking about Arma here.

Not to mention, but Activision also doesn’t really have an issue with CoD ports anymore. While they can’t give an official okay, they have stated that they won’t take any action against people who port their models as long as proper credit is given and nothing defamatory towards their image is made.

So I guess it’s quite a normal situation.

Well there’s a program called ‘Wraith’ and despite successfuly porting the sound files without any problems, the .Pak and Image files are unable to be open. I can try other previous scripts, I’ll just have to see what’s avaliable.

I’m looking for the gas mask enemy model for personal use. Leaving this comment here once there is a tool for getting the models.

Oh, OK. I pretty much assumed almost all content producers have the potential to cause you a problem. If they said it’s OK, that’s alright then.

BI is the only developer that’s ever kicked up a stink about it. Nobody else has had a problem, and I doubt they even care. I mean, when whoever makes Overwatch got annoyed at all the porn being made, they just tried to take down the porn, they left the models alone and didn’t try to shut down the Overwatch porting scene or anything like BI did.

On slightly more on-topic note, I can’t wait for the tools to be figured out. I never did a complete pack of the original CoD4 vehicles, but I’d very much like to do a full pack of the remastered ones. Things that really weren’t worth porting before are now looking a lot better.

and i know i’ll be doing up a bunch of the characters

The M203 is still an airsoft version, and the g3 is still an HK91A3, but atleast they got a genuine M4A1 there now. Little steps people.

To an extent, you’re correct; all game developers (which is what I assume you meant by content producers since developers and producers are two separate things) have the potential to go after anyone/everyone that touches the content from their games. However, a large majority of them either don’t care, officially give the okay with specific guidelines (example: any Halo or Forza related ports require that Microsoft and specific developers and/or rights holders, i.e. Bungie or 343 Studios for Halo and any car manufacturers for the Forza series, along with a copy-pasted statement regarding legal notices), or unofficially say that it’s okay as long as certain guidelines are met (i.e. “make sure to credit x-company in your work for the original content”) and nothing defamatory towards the company in question’s image is made (i.e. porn of certain characters, characters being used to talk shit about the developers/rights holders in question, etc.). BI is the obvious exception to this, as they have openly stated that they’ll go as far as filing a lawsuit against individuals who port content from their games.

Needless to say, it’s still usually a good idea to try and get in contact with a game developer to see where their stance is regarding ports of their content, but a large majority of them usually won’t care or have an official statement saying it’s okay to port the content. Just avoid the ones that say that it’s absolutely not allowed and give proper credits to the ones who officially/unofficially say it’s okay, and it’s basically smooth sailing for everyone.

Of course they’re the same, they just took the same stuff and improved it. They didn’t change anything. Even the wrecked vehicle models are wrecked in exactly the same ways as the old ones.

I respect that, and it’s what we were expecting, but I also feel like it kind of lets the game down in some aspects. Bits of that game haven’t aged well and it really shows with the modern graphics.

They did change some things, the M4A1 is now a genuine M4A1, and the AKS74U is now a genuine one instead of that bizarre airsoft thing they had before. Some of the guns were made closer to the real ones, but it seems most stuff is still as it was.

And the Type 1 AK-47 is now an AKM, which makes far more sense.

It seems like they changed the shit things and left the things that were fine as they were. The M4A1 has always been an M4A1, though.

I’m going by imfdb here, they said it’s a civilian Colt AR-15A3, which would go along with the civilian models used for everything else actually.
Shame they are still calling “AK-47” to the AKM, but I guess it’s one of those things that will keep happening.

The only difference is the stepped barrel, which can be explained by the fact the guns in CoD4 are low-poly as fuck and it’s easier to model a straight barrel rather than the stepped one.

It would have been nice if they would have at least fixed the fact that having any optics attached to the M4 or M16 removes the gas block which would basically make the gun just not work.