Help Ripping Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

With Ninja Ripper, they look awful )

Ninja ripper’s the only way to get them if they’re part of the level. You can’t export something that isn’t a model with a model exporter.

Wow, special thanks for ripping that Tasco red dot sight. Kinda rare thing, i saw that rds only in MW and remaster. :smile:


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In this game would be cool
I want to take all

Finally the Tasco!

I’ve posted this in the other thread, but here it is again for convenience:

thankssssssssssssssss man:cry:…can you give all vehicle too palessss

As much as I would like this, I don’t want to imagine the size of such a package with all those 4k textures…


great moves ethan
keep it up, proud of you

just a note if you’re compiling for Source: switch the red/green normal map channels to get proper reflection angles (that’s it, don’t invert anything)
that’s at least what I’ve had to do with daxble’s rips

I will start fixing the normals before I release.

Great stuff, how’s the STG coming along?


Are you working on the STG44 per chance?

na i’m not doing all the weapons/all variations of them
i’m just doing some weapons per faction

Ah, that’s a shame. Still great work.

If anyone can extract the STG and the MW2 weapons for me, that would be greatly appreciated.