Help Ripping Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

if your wraith broke, re-download, then delete wraith_old.exe from %temp% you got a bad update at some point.

And Abrams and Seaknight… hehe… I really dig those.

Ohh, nice :wink:

looking really forward to hopefully porting the **SAS **and getting some viewarms.

How exactly does this Wraith thing work? I can’t really figure it out.

Think of Wraith as a hook, kinda like TomBMX’s Lime.

Simply run Wraith, pick the game you want to rip from, launch the desired game. Afterwards, go back to Wraith and hit the “Load Game” button. It’ll bring up a big list of xmodels and xanims. You’ll have to sift through the entire list (probably 22K or more assets) to find the xmodel that you’re looking for.

Afterwards, click Export Selection and you’ll see the model located within the exported_files folder where Wraith.exe is located.

You’ll need an account with the website before you can use Wraith.

My friend owns MWR and ripped me the arms, and I’ve been rigging them may be done tomorrow. It took awhile to line up the fingers and rig the left arm. (not even done with the fingers)
The normals are also broken (Just open in Photoshop or something and resave as .dds or output of your chosing will work again!)

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Fuck, you beat it too me. Looks amazing though. Will you release it soon? (Insta Reply hehe)

when they’re done

Well then, I can’t wait I’ll do the Spetsnaz. Unless someone else wants to do them!XxQh1bBZ!i7PQVR3moOJ22h1UYpBhV7eNdsa0uAjxFwWXWuDk2tQ

when life is cod4 rm exporting and nothing else

im gonna do every mp faction

Oh alright, I’ll get the Singleplayer dudes then! (Just kidding im doing the spetsnaz.)

Also, how do you have that Transparent effect to the Glass? When I put $translucent in the .vmt for glass it makes the model/material Invisible.

can u also work on the us marines next i want to port them in fallout 4

I really need the pistols exported. If anyone can shoot me a link of the models I would appreciate it.

Holy hell… I gotta admit I have never thought that MW:R would look this good (just took a long at the USMC textures and models in yung’s .rar). Wish they would release the game seperately already.

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(also Ch-46 and M1A1 Abrams dump please *annoy")

Well that was quick.

If someone could rip all the guns & equipments in the game and release here that’d be great, i can’t get Wraith to work.