Help Ripping Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered[/t]

You haven’t actually looked, have you?

Can’t wait for a sweet new CH-46 Seaknight… Can’t come soon enough

I didn’t look in multiplayer, only in SP. I did notice that third person models actually keep it but in the first person ones you can’t really see it. That’s cool that they actually did do that.

Hi guys.
Ninjaripper works with this game (the normals are kinda weird though)
Also, models don’t come out t-posed
Here’s the stuff that i ripped so far:
Some stuff:

Man that ushanka is going to be pretty useful.

There hasn’t been a single good ushanka since the COD4 ushanka passed the graphical expiration date.

Damn, gotta port this stuff into original CoD4. I don’t actually have MWR, so does anybody mind grabbing the AK47 model for me (dunno why, I really like the look)

As for the weird normals, can’t you break them and then weld/smooth them back together for better results? Idk, just an idea I had. models actually look good though

The normals i uploaded are the ones i’ve got by tinkering with normals that i got with the ripper. The original rip result is even werdier than the ones i’ve uploaded. Also, i can upload the original rip if you want.

Got this Into Source properly, my friend fixed the normal map, not sure how he did it though, the normals aren’t the same as the other games.

So uhm, may I now request the CH-46 Seaknight model from “Shock and awe”? Seeing as some models are now out

I’m sorry, too haaaard

“Ninjaripper works with this game (the normals are kinda weird though)”

Ez (video is not mine)

I know it’s a bit to ask but do you mind exporting the m40/r700/50cal/ak47 & deagle? Would be a huge help. d:

here’s a shitty quick rushed m4a1 sopmod port
the smoothing is bad and the bumpmaps are fucky
maybe i’ll improve it once proper tools are out, maybe i won’t
[sp]the supressor is present too[/sp]
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I can’t seem to get Ninja Ripper to work for me, I end up with a ‘Fatal Error’.

Guys do you have any idea if Ninja Ripper can get you banned when using Steam’s version?

I don’t think so, unless you use it on an online match.

Why is it hard? D:

I am not a pro ((
I can not find a blade)
There are too many objects and polys

Can you maybe upload the meshes and textures? the blades Do not exist as far as I know, because they’re spinning ingame and only use a blurred texture