Help Ripping Escape From Tarkov Alpha

Hi, I would like to get a guns from EFT
.asset - ok (open on new tab)

.bundle - good

weapons .bundle - error, сan you help me?

Weapons there really cool

AssetBundleExtractor 2.1b

isnt this still under nda

As far as I’m aware, yes.


im 75% sure sharing content from the game atm is a legally punishable crime

Yeah its still under NDA, there wasnt one a while back for some youtubers/streamers so they could make some videos.

The normal NDA still stands.

Also isnt that torrent technically warez?

So what? After all from other games extract model. What is the difference?

the nda lol

Except for a select few game developers that push out DMCAs on their content and threaten to pursue legal action on repeated offenses (such as Bohemia Interactive as the most immediate example), most of those other developers either allow (official statement or unofficially when contacting their respective support teams), the other games you’re most likely referring to aren’t under a non-disclosure agreement, meaning that there’s nothing wrong with showing off the content in those games. EFT, however, is under a NDA license, meaning that you’re legally bound to not show off any of the content for the game yourself.

Case and point for a short version:

  • Other games that have been ported from are not under a non-disclosure agreement, meaning that everything can be shown to the public without any legal problems.
  • Escape From Tarka is under a non-disclosure agreement, meaning that you could legally be taken to court for a valid reason if the devs of EFT find out about this and decide to take you to court over the matter.

The game’s not out yet. Private self use is fine, but you’re better off figuring it out how to rip yourself.