Help ripping models from Killing Floor

From talking to nexus_elite earlier I have found out that I can save models from killing floor as .obj’s using the killing floor sdk, but after screwing with the sdk for an hour I was no closer to my goal, can anyone help me out here?

You can use the “umodel” tool to extract the model files in a choice of 2 different formats, md5 and some other one, both of which support bones while obj does not. It also extracts the textures too, in tga or dds format I think. Much better than using the sdk to export as obj, in my opinion.

Ok, thanks.

Any chance you can post a link to it? I have found the UE Viewer but i don’t think that’s what i need.

UEViewer is UModel

I he succeeds in this, there will be a v3 of my Killing Floor Sweps :smiley:

What do you need the models or something?