[Help] Rp inventory

Hey I am looking for a darkrp inventory system. Can anyone help me find one I just looked at “derp inventory” and it failed on my server I don’t know why, but if you got a link please send it to me. :slight_smile:

Use the pockets tool. Click R. There’s your inventory. :slight_smile:

PS. If you are looking for a more advanced darkrp inventory, there was one on gmod.org, but it was broken last time I tried.

Well that’s the simple inventory but thanks for telling me about the one that’s already broke so its not just me having problems with the one on gmod.org.

Gmod 13 is coming next month, someone will probably dredge up one and upload it. Just give them time and meanwhile, keep an eye on workshop.

There is a good one called DerpRP inventory, its on garrysmod.org. Is that the one you were having problems with? Because that one works fine.

Yes, DerpRp inventory. It would not let me put thing in the inventory. It would not show up in the !inv thing. just in my pocket.

Yes, exactly. I remember setting that up (properly) about a year or so ago and it didn’t work. Can’t tell you exactly why, though, since it was plenty of time ago.

I had used it not too long ago when I was testing, and I see plenty of RP servers that are using it today.

Ill try it again. Is their a bind or something to pick it up? or do you pick it up with pockete and it appear in there?

If I remember correctly, there was a chat command. !inv, if I am not mistaken, but you can only pick up things that had been pre-coded by the developer of the server in the files.

Yea the !inv command. But their was no way I could put it in the inventory.