[HELP] RP_EvoCity_v33x Elevator Bug

The elevator does not open once it’s been closed. So it’s impossible to go up or down the nexus if no1 is there inside the elevator. How should I fix this?

I don’t understand, so the elevator does not move with no one in it rendering it impossible to call the elevator from the bottom to top floor and vise versa?

Once the elevator button is pressed, the elevator door closes because it is open to begin with. Then it doesn’t open again after pressing the button. If there is nobody in the elevator, they cannot change floors so the door opens again when it comes back. If there is nobody in the nexus building, they cannot call the elevator up. So it’s impossible unless an admin noclip’s into the elevator and starts it up again.

Try download the server version of the map?

I think this map has always had this problem.

On my server or/and in singleplayer it works perfect for me! Try the server version of the map, if u dont already have it.

Link: http://www.imperial-community.com/downloads/rp_evocity_v33x.zip

Or just don’t use evocity because its a broken map. Or if you’re really set on it, switch to _v3d. It’s a little less broken.

EDIT: Or just don’t play PERP :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea mayby, but he can try to use the server version, it works 100% for me

Thanks alot! I’ll try and and update you with the results. I had no idea that there was a server version!

@code_gs I can’t find v3d, maybe it was a typo and you meant v2d. I want to use v2d but I like v33x alot better because I want to add a “Judge” class to my RP gamemode and v33x has an awesome courthouse. IMO, it’s a lot better compared to v2d in many aspects. I’m not saying v2d sucks, because it’s awesome, but I like v33x better.

@superdodo12 did it work for u?:slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no. I don’t think the link you gave me is the server edition. Would you mind uploading your map file?
Also, do you have HL2:EP1 and EP2 mounted on your server? Because I just use an addon.
I’m going to give it one more try by wiping all traces of rp_evocity_v33x from my srcds and gmod 13.

I can’t find “rp_evocity_v33x server edition.rar” anywhere to give that a try :frowning:

Or if you can give me your server’s FastDL link, i’ll find it from there.

SOrry dude, the map i use is from that link, and it is the server version.

Since when has there been server edition of evocity? The original evocity post only has one version. The map.

Apparently there is a server edition. It is different from my map file.


That link mentions “RP_EvoCity_v33x Server Edition.rar”, but there is no link. I’m hoping it’s going to work. I’m giving it one last try.

There is a server version, when i started my perp the gates wouldnt load, then i google a bit, and foudn the server edition, and then it loaded perfect.

What gates are you talking about?
Also, do you have HL2:EP1 and HL2:EP2 mounted or do you have content addons?

None of them, it works perfect for me without only needed server edition, to fix all:)

Still doesn’t work. What gates are you talking about.

EDIT: I think they are the same map. Just different compression.

I have a v3d, it has a courtroom and many new features. I’ll upload it later; I think I remember it being a server exclusive map from a now down server from a few years ago.

Oh. Is this “server edition” got packed ep1 and ep2 textures or something?