Help! Running into vvis problems

Ok, so for a while now I’ve been working on sort of space station map (more than that, hard to explain) But see the problem is, this space station is round, its made mostly of 16 sided cylindrical walls, because it just wouldn’t be a proper space station if it weren’t.

So obviously I understand that vvis is going to have a spazz about that, and it does, because I’ve yet to do a normal compile on it (left it for several hours, portal flow made it to .8…)
at the very least, fast vvis does work… but apparently that’s no good to use on a release.

I’ve tried a number of things, everything from converting small brushes to Func_detail, to coverting almost all the brushes and building a square frame for vvis to calculate around (that ended up very buggy, random faces disappearing).

Atm I’m trying with just the outer shell of the space station normal brushes, and the rest func_detail, but even that I’ve still yet to compile on normal.

So I’m just asking around, to see if anyone can help me with this matter, or has any pointers on how to fix this problem

A few notes: this thing is NOT very big, it consists of 3 rooms (approximate) 2 at 196x395, 1 at 112x254, and a hallway at 70x483, also on fast vvis I get the “too many verts for a dynamic vertex buffer” if I noclip out and shine my flashlight on the station. I do not see a drop in fps with fast vvis, for I have an overkill gfx card for hl2, so I cant really tell if fast vvis is reducing performance.

A few tech specs:
Cpu: 3.6ghz (oc) anthlon II x3
Gfx card: HD5770
Ram: 4gb ddr3 1600mhz
OS: windows 7
Steam related: using source sdk, engine 2009, hl2 episode 1.

You should make all curved walls or pillars or other brush work that doesn’t seal the map into func_detail or a func_brush if you want better shading. Put it this way, if you were to hide all the func_details, you should only see square rooms and square corridors.

Also, Try and keep to a 64 scale grid for rooms. Its not a solid rule, just good practise.

important note… I intend to keep my map as it is, and not have to rebuild it in a different shape, Im simply looking for a good way to make a normal vvis compile work on this map…

I hear solid nodraw brushes actually act as brush occluders… If that is true, could I use those instead of running normal vvis? just use fast vvis and nodraw blocks?

They don’t.

Just func_detail some things, like rounded corners. Use nodraw brushes behind them to keep it from leaking. Not hard.