Help rust experimental error

Hello , i have crash playing rust experimental servers , i join server have crash look photo
How fix?

You could start by actually posting the contents of that crash report folder instead of just telling us about it.

Please post the text files to and link them here instead of making a 20-page-long post with the full log contents.

Also please post your system specs: CPU, RAM, video card


Sorry, but your computer does not meet the minimum specs for Rust as you have a 32-bit version of Windows and only 4GB of RAM. The Steam Store page states it requires 8GB. I’m willing to bet that if you look in the logfiles in the 2016-01-31_112522 folder, the error will be an out-of-memory error.

Unless the actual issue in the logs is something else, I’m pretty sure this is what’s happening. You can still post the logs if you want someone to look, though.