HELP: Rust freezing 10+ mins into the game and needing HARD PC RESET after.

Hey so pretty much the title says it all, I have been playing Rust for about a week now, I love the game, I preach to my friends to buy it and I tell everyone this game will be game of the year etc.etc. Anyways it’s starting to bother me now that when I am playing rust, randomly my whole game including sound freezes in place or makes a buzzing sound (in my headphones not my PC) and I have to hard reset my pc. This only happens when I play L4D2 or Rust but for League of Legends on max settings it never happens nor for COD Ghosts.

Anyone have a fix for this to make rust stop freezing especially when I am in a firefight, I just lost all my gear due to having to hard reset in a forest and I reconnected naked and I really dont want to have to worry about freezing in the back of my head every time I am in the open.

My PC Specs are

Windows 7 Premium
Intel i7 4770k 3.5ghz processor(not overclocked)
16GB ram
1TB HD 120gb SSD

What version (xxx.xx) is your Nvidia driver?

332.21 Current

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Did it always do this from the first time you installed or has it started happening after?

If after, have you changed any hardware/software configuration since the last successful play and this one.

your video card could be physically damaged, but im just guessing, this happend to me before

could also be the video card overheating

Has happened from the start, video card works perfect on any game except any source engine games or rust.

It does sound like an overheating problem to be fair.

Can you download a temperature monitoring program and check your temps on the card and other components too?

It could also easily be a RAM problem. You should experiment testing one stick at a time and seeing if you get the same problems. If it works with one stick, keep swapping in a new stick until the issue happens again. Then you’ll find the faulty RAM module.

Any recommended programs I should use for that?

Ok after a bit of research this seems like a popular and trusted program. I haven’t personally used it though.

Your issue is almost certainly one of RAM timing. is the long explanation. The short is “figure out the timing that your RAM is supposed to be running at, then fix that in your BIOS, which may require turning on overclocking functionality for some mobos.”

Just spent 3 weeks troubleshooting this one with another clan member. Use “CPU-Z”. Here’s a shorter set of directions:

The other cause of intermittent crashing would be a faulty power source. But I’ve got $20 on RAM timing.

Ill check those all out, I forgot to mention, sometimes when I DON’T have to hard reset my pc and it fixes itself, i get a popup at the bottom right saying Display Driver nvidia (xxx.xx) stopped working and has fixed itself etc.etc. Any idea why rust forces my pc to do that? I believe that alone could be the biggest issue here

Ollie you seem more experienced in this area, would the faulty RAM timings potentially be stopping the driver from doing something (or not allocating it enough memory?) and therefore it crashes?

I mean, it makes sense that that’s a possibility but it’s only guesswork from here for me.

Hardware isn’t my forte

Just read all that I’m so confused now worse than I began lol