Help!: Scoreboard not functioning properly with Evolve installed (TTT)

With Evolve is enabled on our server, the scoreboard does not function properly. Sometimes it won’t show random player’s karma and sometimes it won’t show people who are Confirmed Dead, Missing In Action or Spectating. We have two admins set up.

Sometimes it would work for a bit but I’ll notice in a couple minutes that its not working again.

Any ideas on how to resolve this would really help!

You don’t need to hide your names from us, nobody is here to get you.

Anyway, have you already checked if removing evolve solved the problem?

Yes it works fine without Evolve installed. I want to find a way to use Evolve with a functioning scoreboard.

Why don’t you just use ULX?

I am using ULX as well, but some features of evolve I like. The scoreboard issue occurred before the installation of ULX so it isn’t a problem with interfering with eachother.

Did you delete ev_plugins/sh_scoreboard.lua?
If not, try that.

Also, make sure you use the official version of evolve :slight_smile:

I was missing that specific file for some reason.

So I reinstalled evolve with the linked version that you gave me and it worked! Before giving me spawning issue, I had to delete text files created in data/ to make it work perfect.

I suppose I installed an older version or what not.

All good! Thanks! :smiley: