Help [Server Errors]

Is SCars/WAC out of date? because they should of updated i restarted my server 30 seconds ago… how do i know if another addon isent causing this?

They’re errors from Falco’s Prop Protection and SCars. Are you using the workshop SCars?

Yes… as i said they SHOULD have updated.

So… Why is Falco’s Prop Protection causing Errors? i update it about every week

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i have more errors here could you tell me what is causing those please?:


delete wiremod and use the svn or workshop version of wiremod!

Yeah, you have a lot of conflicting addons. Take them out one by one and see which one is causing the plethora of errors. Just by the looks of it, Wiremod is causing a lot of them, but not sure about Falco’s an SCars.

I already Use the SVN Version of Wiremod…

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How can i see which is causing the problem if it does not show up? i update Wiremod alot btw, i updated it via SVN and now my E2 doesn’t work and i get a error about WAC seat connectors?

I just Updated Wiremod and Deleted WAC Aircraft and got the newest version on Workshop and still get that error…





Post your new full console log. Not just pictures.