[HELP]Serverside GWEN Skin

Hello everyone, i’m currently going on my DarkRP Customization and i want to set an custom GWEN Skin, which will be loaded clientside.

But sadly i dunno how this works.

I googled but i didnt found anything

I finished my GWEN Skin(PNG), (Edit:)I need the Lua Code to include it…

I hope you all can help me.

What do you mean loading it serverside?
Derma is clientside.

I want to use an Other Skin when connected to my server.

You can see what i mean on metaconstruct

That’s not what serverside means. Run your custom skin code clientside.

Well then even “how to run clientside”

Dont hurt me :C

Have the code in a client-side file.

Well i wrote some stuff wrong, I just have the GWEN .png file and i need the Code for it…

Thats my problem…

Look here: https://github.com/garrynewman/garrysmod/blob/master/garrysmod/lua/skins/default.lua

Thank you you are my hero!

#Edit: wow now its still default derma :l

You can’t just change the GwenTexture and expect it to work. You need to change the other aspects, too.

So i have to learn lua, in the ending. well thanks…