Help setting myself as FAdmin (DarkRP's admin mod)

Hi :slight_smile:
I have just bought a server but i dont know how to add myself as admin in FAdmin.
Can anyone help me ?

] rcon_password xxxxxxxx
] rcon
autokick is disabled for xxxxxxxxxxx
] FAdmin Setroot xxxxxxxxxx
No access!

What do i do?

you type

rcon FAdmin setroot xxxxxx

notice how rcon is infront of it?

Now it says:
] rcon_password xxxxxx
] rcon
autokick is disabled for xxxxxxxxxx
] rcon FAdmin setroot xxxxx
[LS ULIB ERROR] Bad user passed to addUser! User account name was xxxxxxxxxxx
FAdmin: User set to root!
[UCL] Access set.
] kill
xxxxxxxxx suicided!
No access!
No access!
No access!

try to use quotes around your own name…

you must do rcon login <PASSWORD>
then rcon FAdmin Setroot <YOURNAMEHERE>

You should get evolve mod.