Help setting up an Openaura Cider server

I didn’t buy it, I stole it (DUH). Anyways I wanted to set up an Openaura Cider server but I don’t know how. It keeps showing :

Lua initialized (Lua 5.1)
Couldn’t include file ‘openaura\gamemode\cl_init.lua’ (File not found) (@gamemodes\cidertwo\gamemode\cl_init.lua (line 6))
[gamemodes\cidertwo\gamemode\cl_init.lua:6] Couldn’t Derive Gamemode ‘openaura’
Registering gamemode ‘cidertwo’ derived from ‘base’

What I did is I just got Cider two and dragged the gamemode into there. I did not edit any file whatsoever.

Well, it would appear you’re missing cl_init.lua, as the error very clearly states.

Did you install the modules properly?

The damn error says Couldn’t Derive Gamemode ‘openaura’.
You do not have a gamemode in a folder named “openaura”.


I don’t know where I can find “Openaura”. I have the solid gamemode of Cider Two and I just stuffed it in the Garrys Mod gamemodes.

That’s the base gamemode from which this gamemode derives from. Be sure to download and install that as well as the modules properly.

Alright have the base gamemode downloaded just never knew what to use it for. Thanks.

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I have cl_init.lua and i’m going to try and install it now then see about hosting a server. If unlucky i’ll just host an Dark Rp one.

“I can’t host the gamemode I want, so let me just host another one”

Seems like a bad community startout if you ask me :confused: