Help setting up FastDL for my Hide and Seek Server

Hi i have a hide and seek server with custom menu’s, custom point-shop with great player models for people to use. i have notice alot of people are giving up on waiting for the content to download for them. i dont have much on there apart from 10 custom player models and 9 workshop maps, the rest are default maps like cs_assualt etc…

Herd you can set up a FTP server with gmod and that its faster than the workshop downloads. Can anyone help me on how to set this up like a video TUT or written any will do as long as it works.Its a great server and want to bring FastDL to players all over.

What you can do is bzip your files (Some GSPs provide an automatic one) and upload them.

such a noob but what is a GSPs? and where do i upload them?

GSP (Game Server Provider) and you’d upload a bzipped file normally.

(If you have a GSP you’d upload it via FTP)

is there not a free service i can use? as GSP normally come with monthly payments. what bowt drop box type fastdl’s?

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is there not a free service i can use? as GSP normally come with monthly payments. what bowt drop box type fastdl’s?

You can manually bzip files using the actual file itself here

You don’t need an FTP to do this.

Dropbox does no longer offer public folders, as far as I know.

There is this program called SourceRSC, it’s really useful to automatically bzip your server’s addons and extra content. However, if your custom content is not added using


you can use this program to generate a lua file that contains all the files the user has to download.

Run the program on a single addon folder, your entire server or your entire addons folder, and it’ll automatically generate a .lua file for you. Place this .lua file in your “/garrysmod/lua/autorun/server” folder, and it should work perfectly fine.

You won’t have to worry about zipping any of the files yourself. SourceRSC will do that automatically for you. However, you still need a webhost to upload all the files to. You can get cheap webhosts everywhere on the internet, just keep in mind that hosting addon content for your server might take up several gigabytes (if you have lots of content). You can configure SourceRSC to automatically upload all your content to a FTP server, so you do not have to do this yourself.

Another useful trick is creating a .lua file in your “/garrysmod/lua/autorun/server” folder, containing lines such as

resource.AddWorkshop("<workshop ID>")

This will automatically subscribe people joining your server to the workshop addon, so you don’t have to manually upload it to a FastDL server. If you ONLY have workshop addons, you do not need a FastDL server at all, neither do you have to use “Fox Warrior’s Generator”, because the workshop will download all neccesary content to the user’s PC.

I recommend you to use workshop, it might not be incredibly fast, but it’s usually fast enough to provide content for your server. It’s not worth the money buying a webserver to host FastDL content, I doubt Dropbox (if you already have a public folder) is faster than the workshop itself.

oh i see thank you for that. i mean it downloads fast anyway just that people give up way to soon to even give my server a chance. it take max 5-6 mins to download the content the first time round after that its straite on. as i type this there is 13 people on my server so it cant be that bad