Help setting up PERP

Hey guys, I recently set up a PERP server, and I have the SQL set up, with the hostname and correct usernames. When I join, and I have my friend join, we’re both automatically set to John Does. It doesn’t ask us to enter a name or anything. Help please?

Nobody will help you setup a leaked gamemode.


Sorry mate. It’s also now illegal to host PERP.
Cease and desist letter from a buddy’s community server host



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Please, don’t.

As for you OP, if you do not want any DDoS attacks, or drama infused bullshit, then skip PERP.

-snip- already explained, didn’t read fully

It’s actually been illegal under federal law ( I don’t recall when the law was put into effect, but many many years ) to operate a business or web operation using leaked/stolen/unlicensed/cracked software.

PERP source code was released to the internet in the public domain which anyone with 1% of legal sense can verify by reading the “copyright” notices on the “leaked” source code. Supposed DMCA complainant can’t even english. That whole notice makes my eyes bleed, and not because I’m a vampire. Seriously, there is no legal right whatsoever asserted in that notice and the entirety of the claim is false. NFO hasn’t even passed on the entirety of the notice and is such a fail “company” as a result of this action because they got paid off by killslick with no legal authority to assert these claims whatsoever.

I was wondering if the OP is being called names for making such a stupid thread, but seems not.

What part of “Leaked Gamemode” don’t you understand?

The part where no proof is provided anywhere, ever, that the gamemode was leaked and is accompanied by a fraudulent “copyright” notice using a fictitious entity.

Leaked also implies released by someone with access to the code which was only hunts at the time of the leak, thus, released to public domain.

Sorry, but leaked implies that the code for the gamemode was released without the authors permission.

If you don’t understand that, i’ll give you an example.

Say you go to the movie store and you buy a movie.
You bring it back home and watch it.
You tell your friend about it and he wants to watch it aswell but you don’t want to borrow it to him because you know he might scratch it.
So instead you decide to burn it onto a disc and give it to him and then your friend decides to burn more copies of that disc and starts to sell them.

The same thing applies here with the gamemode. You have no right to openly sell copies of something that you don’t legally own.

I don’t see what’s so hard to understand.

The gamemode is illegal (whole other debate thread about that) to host now, and if you were to host t, you’ll for sure get a fire lut under your ass by hellzone or killslicks crew. Find another RP gamemode to host, or just another gamemode in general.

tl;dr: Dont do PERP

You can’t provide a valid counter-argument and rate posts dumb, that just about sums up your legal expertise and maturity. Stolen implies without consent, go look up legal terms. Leaked involves people on the inside, which was only Hunts at the time of release.

I don’t see what’s so hard to understand.

Your analogy is complete crap as well.


Full disclosure: I hosted a client’s server who ran GangWars. It wasn’t just a client-side gamemode that would be stolen from the dua and reverse engineered, it was a copy obtained or released from the source just as is this PERP claim. The supposed GangWars “copyright owners” sent a DMCA to the server, which I sent my legal team to investigate. They had a claim similar to killslick’s which was completely invalid and fraudulent where the only real assertion is “we own the domain so we own the copyright” which is completely invalid. The GangWars people gave up when they realized they had no legal rights whatsoever.

So much drama about a gamemode, not even including the drama that goes on in the actual server running it.

Who gives a shit who ‘owns’ it? Nobody owns anything. You made something for the gmod community, don’t expect everything to work like a gated community, because it just wont happen. If you don’t want people getting their hands on it, don’t put it on the internet and don’t make things exclusive.

I’m fairly certain somewhere within the steam ToS it defines that things in game may not be sold for real money, especially things created with official valve tools (almost exclusively maps). Yet this gets violated all the time and nobody seems to care. Unless Hunts owns lua, what he ‘made’ technically belongs to the creators of lua.

Also, just because you put ‘dmca’ in the lua files doesn’t mean its protected, that only scares off 12 year olds.

Actually, anything you create is automatically copyrighted whether or not you put a notice on it. PERP was originally leaked when someone stole the code and released it without the authors permission. Hunts NEVER publicly released it, as stated before. It was made for a community, privately, not for the gmod community in whole. It is not in public domain. I’d suggest staying away from running leaked scripts as there are laws against it. If you operate a business or web operation using unlicensed software, it’s a felony.

What if the server owner were to host their own server instead of getting a GSP?

Guy’s i’m done with this, shut the fuck up