Help, simple functions I don't know how to script

Functions like - Q menu

I’ve had a go at scripting up from the Skeleton GM, but all I seem to get is lua errors
Players also dont start with correct loadout, i’m so new to lua its untrue.
All i understand is to copy from tuts., and even I cant do that!

Help I want to make and light(weight) RP script that I can apply to any theme,
but not like ‘Ultra Light RP’ where its not actually the gamemode.

Help! :frowning:

try fretta for making basic gamemodes it could be what your looking for it allows for classes with custom loadouts like cops and with a little bit of tinkering you could get a rp gamemode

I see that ‘Fretta’ ships with GMOD, where can I find its directory?

well thats its base heres a link to a simple team based gamemode with classes that you can build on

A few final questions as I can see things I can definatly edit-

Can you make a ‘character create’ script entry similar to cakescript style(RPstyle creator) instead of having teams ready made?

Can I make different teams ‘allied’?

The idea is to create a casual ‘28 days later’ style RP(g)

well im not sure on how to make custon classes yet, but im working on it. And im not sure on how to get teams to be allied but you could do something like team_orange has classes that have btoh sides in it.

Im starting to feel really bad now for asking all the questions - can you make teams admin only?

ya im not sure on the exact coding but what you do is when they connect check if they are an admin and if they are set their team to admin.And don’t worry if you don’t ask any questiions things just get harder.

I’m thinking if you only know how to copy from tutorials you’re not quite ready to dive into making a gamemode. You won’t be able to make much just by stitching together code you copy-pasted from tutorials and making a Frankenstein’s monster - you’ll need to be able to understand how things work.

Try mucking about with things making little mini-addons and building up your knowledge. Start small. If you try to start big, like with this gamemode, you’ll never get anything done.

True ^ - i was really stuggling with trying to make something out of skeletonGM, but this is a bit different, a bit easier and I can understand the syntax a lot better - the problem is Im not a scripter and I don’t know what I can and can’t do. You could say im trying to make something complicated. but so far i’ve edited a little frettaGM nicely appart from I cant get to choose my class’, even though its scripted, and there are no .lua errors so I cannot figure out whats no correct.