Help Solving These Server Errors / Problems

I am trying to run a Gmod dedicated server. I start my server using this command (when not attempting to use Steam Workshop):

When I run the server using my downloaded maps, players who have never played on that map are disconnected (the map doesn’t auto-download normally like from other servers).

Also, I get TONS of errors (help fixing them please?):

I HAVE put the CS:Source maps into the Gmod Maps folder in the dedicated server, so…

I have gotten my maps from my own website where I uploaded them and downloaded them onto my VPS (CentOS 6). I am not using Steam Workshop to get maps because when I try to run the server with Steam Workshop I get:

Here is the startup command I use when trying to get from Workshop:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: some organization and grammar. Also, the server works as intended if players connecting have the loaded maps, I just don’t like the errors.

  1. Post your mount.cfg
  2. Use resource.AddWorkshop to send maps to players:
  3. The steam/sdk32 errors are caused by you not having the correct libraries; contact Steam Support about it.