Help! Somebody re-uploaded my work. Not cool.

Hey Everyone

I have a simple request,

On I noticed that more and more people were playing the gamemode “Winter Survival”, thus I decided to take it upon me to make an updated item recipe list, and actually organizing it to make it easier for the players who might need it for the game. It was all going good until some leecher decided to take my whole recipe list and make it an “in game” LUA version, and did not even care to mention any kudos or props to me in a readme file or on itself. You may think: “Well its just a recipe list” but the fact is someone stole my work, which I put my time into making. I would not have minded nor cared at all if he took the original list and uploaded it, but no he took MY version, titles and all, and mirrored my own. For Example, I made a color coordinated list, and for each color I made up my OWN titles (not in the original) under:

Essential Items,
Consumable Items,

And if you look at his version, it is the exact same list, all he did was order the titles differently. I only request that I wish my name to be mentioned, AND props or kudos given, under the description, or in game file. If he doesn’t do so, I would gladly request his file be reported or taken down. As clearly says:

"Your STEAM account will get banned if you upload PORN or things you didn’t make (this includes wiremod, advanced duplicator etc)"

Here is my file:

And here is his:

Déjà vu?

I would like to upload something on without someone stealing it and using it as their own a week later.

Thank you and please let me know if you can help me on this one I would really appreciate it!

  • Verac

He did make the Lua code for it. Though, you should be accredited for the information.

Yea I only want him to mention me at least on the site, (or an administrator to review this) , because he hasn’t done so or most likely going to. And yes he did make a lua file, true, but the info he outright stole.

his seems better as it is in-game but i would have said “Ingrediants” or “needed” istead of “reagents”. isn’t “reagents” a sort of catalyst?

but anyway, he should give u some credit for the info

Alright isn’t there a report button or something of the sort for They used to have one a while back.

is there a flag?

Oh there’s going to be… However since there is no option to report files, I am in a dillemma. All I want is this file down


type that in address bar


Actually it is


Thank you sir =)


Aha, great success! He took it down. Sorry but I don’t tolerate thievery!

It actually does not work, when I report a file it just says “You did not enter a reason!” even after I mentioned the reason.

His has been taken down.

Same here. :frown:

If it’s uploaded on just post a comment on the stolen matterial saying its yours and providing a link then people will turn away from theirs and realize you deserve the credit. Thats life you know, I don’t know what the staff or moderators of this site are doing but they either are too preoccupied to track down people who do so or take it lightly.