Help somthing has got into my acount and when im on gmod it spams the message thing

i join a server and it says things in my name by itself like “join our server its ausome liquid gaming” stuff like that and ive allready been banned form 2 servers how can i stop this message from sending when i join a server

You have got a lua virus from a server or some other way, try to find the file that’s causing it, or if you can delete your dua, and your lua folder.

it was today i got it it says exactly this is awesome, SnakeDoctor rules!!! Join our servers now!!!

Have you joned their servers lately?

You can try cleaning out your GMod folder and launching the game and you’ll have a clean copy of GMod, this should remove the virus, and unfortunately any custom addons or skins you might have will also be removed.

this sucks have the owners of the server done this and yes i joined there server today thanx 4 help guys do you think deleting all the files that have been edited toaday will help cus i dont wana lose addons and stuff

Then yes, you got the lua virus from their server, just because they want their server to be so popular, but do this won’t help.

You can just try deleting everything except for your addons, if it didn’t affect your addons, which it most likely didn’t.

Ive seen this, delete your the contents of your lua folder in garrysmod/garrysmod/lua, im pretty sure it crashes the server after it says it

Or atleast it does with my server

Delete sound/snakedoctor.mp3 if it happens again.

Like everyone else said, except nicatronTg… just reinstall your garrysmod, you can probably copy your addons that you trust 100%, like phx svn or something big that you dont want to download again, and if the chat spams again then reinstall without the “trusted” addons, unless you can find the file, it’ll probably be in lua/autorun or a subdirectory of that. Also look in your addons, for example there could be a directory like “addons/ADDONNAME/lua/autorun/VIRUSNAME.lua” or again, in a subdirectory,(stuff in caps means name may vary) so I hope this helps you understand where you can find viruses, picture the addons folder as garrysmod/garrysmod, it’s kinda off topic but I think you needed this :slight_smile:

P.S. If you are unsure if an lua is a virus, you can copy and paste the code to me at

I just got this today too, I finally get Gmod running the way I want it and some looser puts a virus on his server. Deleting my Gmod and reinstalling the addons will take ages.

Can’t they shut this server down?

FYI its slob doing this not snake doctor or liquid gaming. Slob does this all the time and everyone falls for it like a idiot and blames who ever he frames.

lol why do you say “slob”, “snake doctor” everyone who doesn’t fall for it don’t know who those people are, give steam id’s or something to address them by besides their “in-game” name

Well, deleting snakedoctor.mp3 worked for me. No problems now.

So if anyone else stumbles to this problem, thats the fix.

Deleting cache, lua, and sound should work.
Had a guy join my server with this earlier.